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Maintenance, Repair and Sales of Medical Equipment 

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  • Fast delivery

    We offer excelent delivery times on orders. You never pay full price until you receive your system in your facility. 

  • 24/7 Support

    :We will always try to be available when you need us the most, including weekends and holidays, if neccesary. 

  • Best Price Value

    We invite you to prove our prices are the best in the market. We will strive to compete in quality and service as well. We believe we have what it takes to earn your business.

About Us

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    “We are a young company that started early 2011, fascinated with the concept of life, and the techniques implemented for the preservation of it, through scientifical and technological break throughs in medical equipment.”

    BioTec, Medical Supplies, Manager

Last News

28 Mar

Ultrasound Education – Philips

Ultrasound Education – Philips

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27 Mar

Get excellent IQ without a grid using Philips SkyFlow

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27 Mar

New study from Munster, Germany show excellent performance with MicroDose!

Prof Heindel and team from Munster in Germany today publishe...

27 Mar

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