Mission and Vision


Become, in a short term, the leader in service and maintenance of medical equipment, for major hospitals and clinics, private and public sector, offering only world class technologic systems, in favor of healthcare for Honduras.


BioTec´s essential commitment is to ensure the health of patients attending hospitals with medical systems under our maintenance and supervsion. We focus on providing immediate attention to situations that jeopardize this. We offer comprehensive solutions to the projects entrusted to us. We guarantee the lowest possible costs for our customers.


  • Resuscitation Equipment +

    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a set of temporal and internationally standardized maneuvers designed to ensure oxygenation of vital organs when Read More
  • MRI +

    A noninvasive technique that uses the phenomenon of magnetic resonance to obtain information on the structure and composition of the Read More
  • Interventional X-Rays +

    Interventional radiology perform minimal invasive procedures, usually percutaneously (through the skin outside the body). Uses different techniques and instruments (catheters, Read More
  • Parts and Supplies +

    Do you have medical equipment with mechanical problems? ... Give us a call! We will visit your facilty, diagnose the problem Read More
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