New study from Munster, Germany show excellent performance with MicroDose!

Marzo 27, 2014
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Prof Heindel and team from Munster in Germany today published a study including review of the performance of the MicroDose unit in comparison to statewide average performance using other DR and CR technologies. The study shows great results for us both in terms of cancer detection and dose reduction.

"The cancer detection rate for subsequent screenings was higher for DR photon counting than statewide rates (0.76% [67 of 8842] vs 0.59% [3108 of 527 194],  P=.05"

"Mean glandular dose for DR photon counting was significantly lower than that for conventional DR (0.60 mGy ± 0.20 vs 1.67 mGy ± 0.47 [craniocaudal views], 0.64 mGy ± 0.23 vs 1.79 mGy ± 0.53 [mediolateral oblique views], both P = .0001)"


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