Women´s Healthcare

Women´s Healthcare (4)

Introducing a new era in premium ultrasound in women’s healthcare

Introducing our most powerful platform ever, Philips new EPIQ gives you more diagnostic detail and certainty than ever before. EPIQ platform offers our highest level of premium performance in women’s health care through every gestational age and for gynecology applications. It joins our family of high-quality ultrasound systems to help you meet the needs of every woman at every stage of life.

iU22 xMATRIX ultrasound system
A revolution in premium performance ultrasound

The Philips iU22 xMATRIX ultrasound system is premium performance ultrasound like you’ve never seen before. Unique xMATRIX technology on the X6-1 PureWave transducer delivers crisp, high-resolution images of even technically challenging patients.

Reliable, versatile ultrasound

Your patients rely on you to offer the high-quality care possible. Now, there’s an ultrasound system that works just as hard as you do. Philips HD5 is a full-feature color ultrasound that offers exceptional image quality and a wide range of capabilities – all at an affordable price. Backed by outstanding service and customer care, HD5 is the right choice for any office, clinic or hospital that demands high value.

ClearVue 650 Ultrasound System
Improve your image

The Philips ClearVue 650 ultrasound system is as versatile as it is elegant. Use it in a variety of settings for many types of exams and you’ll see that within its smooth graceful lines lies an even greater treasure — best-in-class image quality and intuitive operation that sets it apart from other ultrasound systems. In addition to superb clarity in 2D imaging, you’ll also find that it’s 3D/4D imaging made easy, with advanced women’s health care features that provide quality and insight. That’s the beauty of ClearVue 650.

ClearVue 550 Ultrasound System
Improve your image

One look at the Philips ClearVue 550 ultrasound system and you’ll see the smooth, graceful lines and elegant design that show this is a new Philips quality imaging system. The versatile ClearVue 550 with Active Array technology offers image quality designed to enhance diagnostic confidence, features that are sophisticated enough to be simple, and advances in ease of use and reliability.



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