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Diciembre 18, 2012
Published in Computed Tomograpfy

Image quality and performance for diagnostic confidence in routine & advanced radiological imaging.

Diciembre 18, 2012
Published in Computed Tomograpfy

Provides outstanding flexibility to help you deliver excellent care to your patients

Diciembre 18, 2012
Published in Computed Tomograpfy

High confidence in routine studies with coverage for advanced motion-sensitive applications

Diciembre 18, 2012
Published in Computed Tomograpfy

Access Dual is an affordable way to advance patient care, helping you get the most from every day

Marzo 27, 2014
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Bringing digital radiography to more patients


Committed to expanding healthcare around the world, Philips introduces new product solutions that offer costeffective digital radiography with efficient DR workflow and good digital image quality.


The new PrimaryDiagnost DR makes it even easier to enter the digital radiography world. This system includes the ‘must have’ diagnostic functions essential to general radiography exams. Offering a single DR tethered detector, it supports high patient volumes with simplicity and reliability.


DuraDiagnost with its new room configurations demonstrates a solid price/performance relationship and can be configured to suit your needs.


Select between fixed and wireless digital detectors

Choose your room – efficiency, compact, value, or chest

Enjoy the benefits of Philips technology and service



Marzo 27, 2014
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Prof Heindel and team from Munster in Germany today published a study including review of the performance of the MicroDose unit in comparison to statewide average performance using other DR and CR technologies. The study shows great results for us both in terms of cancer detection and dose reduction.

"The cancer detection rate for subsequent screenings was higher for DR photon counting than statewide rates (0.76% [67 of 8842] vs 0.59% [3108 of 527 194],  P=.05"

"Mean glandular dose for DR photon counting was significantly lower than that for conventional DR (0.60 mGy ± 0.20 vs 1.67 mGy ± 0.47 [craniocaudal views], 0.64 mGy ± 0.23 vs 1.79 mGy ± 0.53 [mediolateral oblique views], both P = .0001)"


Marzo 27, 2014
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Enjoy fast and smooth gridless workflow with SkyFlow


Intelligent software algorithm enhances image contrast as a grid would


Avoid the time and effort associated with having to attach and detach a grid for portable chest exams. With Philips SkyFlow technology, there’s no such inconvenience. You'll get exceptional image contrast with less handling.

Using a proprietary intelligent software algorithm, SkyFlow identifies scatter signal and automatically applies correction immediately at the bedside. You can review quality images and make decisions on the spot – just as mobile radiography demands. Available on Philips MobileDiagnost wDR Release 2 systems, SkyFlow streamlines your workflow, giving you time to focus on your patients.


Don’t miss it: See proof of the grid-like contrast enhancement in SkyFlow processed images and experience the MobileDiagnost wDR system live at the ECR 2014.


Key SkyFlow advantages


Fast and smooth gridless workflow with fully automatic image contrast enhancement

Excellent image quality with grid-like contrast for all patients types, including bariatric

Outstanding patient focus with automatic operation, short exam times, and comfortable positioning

Marzo 28, 2014
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The use of ultrasound continues to increase dramatically. Philips is committed to providing innovative, high quality educational tools to enhance learning. This App is designed to provide easy access to Philips ultrasound education tutorials using your iPad.

 What's New in Version 2.3

-Improved stability and performance

-New Tutorials

-Updated inforamation and Contact us section.

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